• In this 8,000 sq. km.-wide city of some 320,000 residents, Fe Arquisola-Obaga (see horizontal photo) is Valladolid’s only Filipino nurse —working at the Sanidad Castilla y Leon (SACYL).
  • Allan Cabiles, an automobile engineer, think that salaries and benefits that Malaysians will offer to Filipinos matter more than a new immigration perk that allows skilled foreign workers in stay longer in this Southeast Asian country.
  • THE outlet of the popular Brazilian coffee shop Bracafe in Paloma district is Filipinos’ favourite hangout, like this gentleman in a cap.
  • The exhibit “Rizal in Our Midst: A Homage to Greatness” showcases the different denominations ranging from five centavos to as high as 100 pesos since 1903 where the image of Rizal or his monument appears.

News Flash

  • Central Bank:
    OFW remittances slowed down in February 2012

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    Exclusive: Crisis won't cut off Pinoys' Social Security Benefits from Spain
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    Exclusive: Pag-IBIG hands out P36B housing loans to OFWs
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From Rural to Global: New Approach by the OFW Journalism Consortium

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TODAY, on Migrant Workers’ Day, we give you something new.

This is the new and refurbished news website of the OFW Journalism Consortium. Readers will perhaps know the Consortium as the provider of free, quality reportage and features on overseas Filipinos’ issues. You can find our stories published in Filipino-run newspapers, online newssites and some broadcast outfits based in the Philippines and abroad.

About Us

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The OFW Journalism Consortium is a global non-profit media service reporting on the migration experience of Filipinos as well as policies and other issues that concerns the overseas Filipino workers. The Consortium now enters on its ninth year as a global nonprofit media service, servicing most media outfits both here and abroad. Our stories are republished by media outfits, making the Consortium one of the most trusted sources of news on OFW issues.

Since its creation in 2002 as a media advocacy project of a research-based NGO, the Consortium has an increasing number of media carriers of its stories, and the overseas Filipinos who read the free articles through their e-groups and the website. The existence of this international migration-focused media service is one of a kind in the world.

The Consortium is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Consortium distributes free newspackets to overseas Filipinos, Filipino-run media outfits and stakeholders in the country’s migrant sector—all of whom are based in the Philippines and abroad. The OFWJC also conducts extra-editorial activities to raise the level of discourse on international migration issues in the country.